Books that Spoiled a Series

For me. My worst nightmare is having a series spoiled by a bad book, a runaway plot, or a dragging-along of a series past its due (looking at you, season 9 of Scrubs).

Instead of series I disliked much/most of the way through, I thought it would be more interesting to share what book made me put down a series (or which ending pissed me off). Here’s a few books I didn’t like after loving their predecessors.

Morning Star by Pierce Brown (Red Rising #3)

I was in love with Red Rising. I was so excited to enjoy I scifi book that I made my partner read it with me. I liked Golden Son. Morning Star took a shit upon my love and laughed at my dismay.

Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee (“TKAM #2”)

This is like shooting fish in a barrel. I’m not going to go in on this one. I’m still mad.

Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs (Miss Peregrine[…] #3)

Again, I was in love with Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Hollow City never felt right with me. I couldn’t sink into it the way I could with book 1. Either due to the massive span of time between reading books 2 and 3 (about two years) I disconnected from the story entirely. The plot was starting to feel more and more like a listless goose chase and I couldn’t manage past the first half of Library of Souls.

Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams (HHGTTG #5)

I believe most people consider this series to have finished  at Life, The Universe, and Everything. There is good reason for this. Everything starts to stretch into too-long-running-sitcom territory and a feeling that everything is trying to hard. It’s still a solid okay, but given how much I enjoyed the first four, I was mad at this.

The Black Stallion’s Ghost by Walter Farley (The Black Stallion #17)

I wish this were a joke but hi, I was am a Horse Girl. This is all I read as a child. I think this was the first time as a child I read a book and went “this is bad.” I didn’t have a concept of bad books when I was young. I figured that it was hard to write a book and be an author, and Walter Farley had written so many books, so surely his books couldn’t be bad, right?

I don’t remember much of the plot but, from what I can recall, there wasn’t much of one. They see a ghost mare in the Everglades or something. It was bizarre, and it was the first time I figured that maybe, just maybe, this was a bit of a stretch and maybe there shouldn’t be 17 Black Stallion books. He should’ve stopped at The Black Stallion and Flame, #15 in the series.

(For the record I also hated The Black Stallion’s Sulky Colt (#10) though I persevered but The Black Stallion and the Girl (#18) was when I felt validated in my opinion of ‘Ghost’ because it, too, was shit. -3 stars)

Division Zero: Lex De Mortuis by Matthew S. Cox (Division Zero #2)

My beloved Kirsten (the main character) became unignorably, blatantly sexist and slut-shamey and boy, was I mad. I had a glass shattering moment where I thought back on the story as a whole and realized that I maybe didn’t like it as much as I was trying to. The author also had the habit of describing Kirsten’s body far too often. Just… no. I’m still sad and haven’t touched another paranormal sci-fi story since. Dammit.

A Wind in the Door by Madeline L’Engle (Time Quintet #2)

I hate these books. That seems like book blasphemy, I’m sorry, but I could not stand this. I liked the first one a bit. Or maybe I just tried really hard to like it because it seems like everyone is very “my childhood!” about these. I don’t really know. Charles Wallace is the most annoying little fucker I have ever endured through any work of fiction and it is only by the grace of a bedridden flu that I was able to finish this because I could do literally nothing else.

What book spoiled a series for you?

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The Great TBR Purge

This weekend I spent around two hours purging my Goodreads TBR. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this. At one point last year I was up to 800 books on my TBR list, which is more individual books than I’ve ever read (at least separate books, this is before rereads were a thing on Goodreads).

Over the span of a few days I culled it to around 400. It took ages, Goodreads glitched out and gave up on me once or twice so I had to go in batches of batch edit. But let me tell you, it was so freeing.

The drop this time wasn’t so massive – I’m sitting at a cushy 226 at the moment. That’s more manageable for me. I read around 80 books per year, though if I keep up at the rate I’m going in 2017 I’ll likely top 100. I’m more into graphic novels and middle grade these days which are much easier to get through than, say, Anna Karenina eighty times over.

Still, 200 is a lot of books. That’s too damn many books. There is a vintage meme that could better express how many books that is – I think you know the one.

Why the purge?

I read a lot – I’m at 20-something for this year already – but I only read from my ‘official’ Goodreads TBR maybe a quarter of the time. Maybe. A good portion is from something I saw someone post about on Twitter, looked up, and requested from the library without clicking the “want to read” shelf button. Another good chunk are ARCs or books from my shelves that I know I want to read, so I don’t bother putting it on the Goodreads TBR in the first place. My real TBR number is much higher.

Many of the books on my TBR were from when I was in high school and determined to be a ‘good reader’ and read the classics. And then I tried to read the classics, and I couldn’t get more than a few pages in most of them. I tried to read Anna Karenina every day for three years.

Is this a big deal?


The challenge.

Okay, more of a series of questions – but boy am I having fun with this clickbaity Youtuber feeling I’m having right now.

I encourage you to go look through your Goodreads TBR. Hit the new tab button, pick up your phone, whatever. Now here are some questions I asked myself when combing through my list:

  • How many books are on your TBR?
  • Of that number, how many of those can you recall exactly why you wanted to read it in the first place? Do you have a vague recollection of why it’s there?
  • Are there some titles that make you think “huh? What the hell is this?”
  • If past years are anything to go by, how long will it take you to read all of those books if you touch nothing else?
  • Do you still feel as interested in these genres, authors or titles now as you did when you added them?

So, how big is your TBR? If you take the plunge and are willing to spend an hour (or a few) culling your TBR list, or if you have done so in the past, I would love to hear about it! Personally, I feel a bit trapped by large numbers so this was definitely a freeing experience.

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