Rating System

In order to keep my reviews cohesive, I’ve decided to set myself a proper rating system. This is based on the Goodreads star ratings, with a few tweaks. I base my ratings mostly on emotion. If a book moves me, I’m more likely to give it a higher rating. I’m a fickle, emotional creature. These are subjective.

5 stars: ★★★★★
It was amazing – and I would reread it.

4 stars: ★★★★
I really liked it. (It may have been amazing, but I probably wouldn’t reread it.)

3 stars: ★★★
I liked it.

2 stars: ★★
It was ok.

1 star: ★
I didn’t like it, DNFed it, or it’s really not for me (usually because the blurb was misleading).