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your blogger circa 2011

Me as a Youth™. Later I would get an actual Harry Potter tattoo, but neither there nor that.

My name is Alex. I’m a queer 20-something girl from the US with more mental health issues than I can often handle. I love horses and cats, I knit while listening to audiobooks, and prefer tea to coffee. I swear too much, abuse commas, and try to read more than I watch clickbaity YouTube video. I don’t always do a great job, but I do my best to at least be a good person. I’m not great at that sometimes either.

I have no interest in romance books, or books with any romance, really, but I do enjoy fantasy. And weird books. And horses. Did I mention horses?

Exceptions happen, mileage may vary. Know that I will be very, very wary of romance of any kind in books, especially the sort that involves a love triangle. I’m not interested. But I’m also not here to whinge about things I hate either.

My review policy is located here. If you’re interested in how I rate my reads, check out my rating system.

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