Book Tastes Tag

Well, I wasn’t tagged in this, but I saw it at The Belgian Reviewer and thought I’d give it a go!

Hardback or Paperback?

Hardback for hoarding purposes. They tend to be prettier. Paperbacks are easier to read but they aren’t as satisfying to collect.

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

Harry Potter, even if I am a bit sick of JKR’s shenanigans (although I am loving her on Twitter lately). I prefer the HP books to LOTR (I can’t stand singing) but LOTR films are vastly superior.

Stephen King or RL Stine?

Stephen King. RL Stine was fun when I was a kid but it’s something I wouldn’t revisit. I have a feeling Goosebumps wouldn’t hold up as an adult and I wouldn’t want that small nostalgia spoiled!

Sci-fi or Fantasy?

Fantasy. I like my sci-fi to be runny rather than hard boiled, and sci-fi that soft tends to straddle the SFF line more often than not anyhow!

Reading indoors or outdoors?

Indoors. I cannot stand bugs touching me. More than once I’ve slapped at gnats with my book without thinking and found bug innards on my pages. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey?

Pass. I will be fair though, I did have a Twilight phase when I was a young teen.

Shopping online or local?

Local, at least for books. Thrifting for books is a favorite pastime of mine.

The Great Gatsby or The Catcher in the Rye?

I don’t care for either, but I wasn’t forced to read and overanalyze The Catcher in the Rye so we’ll go with that.

Fiction or Non-fiction?

Fiction. Nonfiction has its place but for casual reading I’m a fiction girl all the way.

Bookmarks or Dog-earing?

Bookmarks, though they’re more often receipts or paper scraps than any of my dozens of fancy proper bookmarks.

Dr. Seuss or Roald Dahl?

Roald Dahl is, to my knowledge, less of a garbage person than Seuss. Or rather, I’m not aware of any slimy things in Dahl’s case. Plus, I love The Twits and Esio Trot far more than Hop on Pop.

E-book or Audiobook?

Both! Ebooks are nice and portable, but I have such a weird guilt about not constantly multitasking that I prefer to listen to an audiobook and knit/clean/paint/harass the cats.

If you’re reading this, you’re tagged! If you do this, leave a link in the comments so I can check it out. I’m always interested to hear about others’ reading peculiarities. Do you dog-ear your pages or do you keep your books pristine?

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One thought on “Book Tastes Tag

  1. Love that you picked up this tag and thanks for the mention! We have some things in common and some differences.. I haven’t had bugs in my book yet I think.. the worst that happened would have been a food stain or something because it sprung of my plate I think. But with an ereader you don’t have that problem, that’s def a plus for reading on an ereader that’s never mentioned ๐Ÿ˜


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