2016 in Review (or, I’m in love with Slammerkin)

So… I’ve been gone. For a multitude of reasons I won’t go into, at least not in depth.

I may post reviews on this year’s reads in future (Slammerkin for sure), but to be honest, it was a pretty bland reading year for me. 2016 was the year I finally felt comfortable putting a book down and saying “no” and never looking back. As controversial as it may be, Truthwitch is what it took for me to tell a book to jog on. (Is this controversial? If you read it, did you like it? More on this in a future post, probably.)

I kicked Anna Karenina to the curb after three years. Gates of Thread and Stone, The Golem and the Jinni (I blame the audiobook narrator, honestly), Library of Souls, Dorothy Must Die, Scar Tissue, The Scorpio Races, and Where She Went followed into my dnf-for-good shelf.


Slammerkin and Saga stole my heart this spring and I don’t know if I have it back yet. I read the Red Rising series, finished The Raven Boys quartet, rolled my eyes through Michelle Phan’s embarrassment of a webtoon, but nothing has captured my heart quite like Slammerkin did. I might write it a love letter, seal it in a bottle, and drop it in the Mississippi in the hopes that some twist of fate will give me the ability to love another book.

I loathe my illnesses for many reasons, least of which is stealing my ability to give a real and proper review of Slammerkin the first time around. If anything, Slammerkin was detrimental to my mental health given my vulnerable state, but I couldn’t put it down. I may never give another five star review again for that fact alone.

But- I’ll save that for my review. I’m giving it a reread as a treat after I finish this draft of my novel (which also took up a considerable part of my year).

Despite 2016 being a dumpster fire in nearly every regard, even with all the literary disappointments I faced, it can never take Slammerkin from me.


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